Why Choose Nomenade Consulting?

Although Nomenade Consulting is a new name in the industry, principal Michael O'Keeffe has 25 years’ experience working on the client side of the consultant-client relationship across operations, technical services and capital projects. Having worked in the industry for so long, Michael has fine tuned his approach to make sure Nomenade Consulting and your organisation work together to ensure the best results are achieved.

Reasons why you should consider collaborating with Nomenade Consulting include:

  • Value enhancement & business focus: We understand the need to strike a balance between environmental, social and other risk impacts and business case objectives. We will work with you and internal and external stakeholders to identify win-win opportunities which minimise risk but enhance value.
  • Agile: Nomenade Consulting responds rapidly to your needs – anywhere, anytime. Whether you are local, interstate or internationally based, we can work with your team or individually to meet your needs.
  • Positive & practical: We pride ourselves on delivering outputs which are tailored to the client’s needs. We will do this in a way which is positive, energetic and enhances the engagement experience.
  • Collaborative: We will work with your business to understand the key objectives, and work closely with you, stakeholders and other subject matter experts as required. We thrive on teamwork and multidisciplinary approaches to project evaluation and solutions.
  • Certified, qualified and experienced: Certified Environmental Practitioner (CEnvP) since 2007 (https://www.cenvp.org/ ), Member Environment Institute of Australia (MEIANZ) (http://www.eianz.org/), qualified in Environmental Science (B.Sc (Hons)), Environmental Engineering (M. Env. Eng) and Community Relations (Grad. Cert). More than 20 years of industry experience across operations, technical services and projects.
  • Integrity & transparency: Strong professional and personal ethics ensure that assistance provided by Nomenade Consulting is performed with integrity, with transparent outcomes that balance sustainability and project goals.
  • Leadership: Nomenade Consulting can provide leadership and direction where needed. We’ve been managing and leading teams of all shapes and sizes, through good times and bad, for well over a decade. We understand team dynamics and can work with all levels of your organisation.
  • Determined & dedicated: We value the trust clients place on our capacity to deliver. In this regard we work hard and are determined and dedicated to assist you and your business to meet your objectives;
  • Cost effective: Nomenade Consulting offers competitive, cost effective services which are unburdened by bureaucracy and large overheads.

To find out more about how Nomenade Consulting can help you meet your business objectives,  e-mail info@nomenade.com or call 0498 793 179.